GRAPH Sectors: Technology and Media

Technology and Media

Recent Technology and Media project examples include (for details on GRAPH diligence exercises that are covered by PitchBook, click on the PitchBook icons below to view deal details):

Software: Applications

  • Accounting and expense management software
  • AI for healthcare administration and clinical services (in-hospital)
  • Applicant tracking systems
  • Archiving and compliance solutions/software
  • Athletic performance SaaS
  • Cloud based facility access control
  • Commercial real estate data services and management SaaS platform
  • Computer aided facilities management (CAFM) software
  • Construction cost estimating tools
  • Contact center SaaS solutions
  • Data room software
  • Decision-making SaaS
  • E-learning L&D SaaS platform
  • Employee experience software
  • Federal budgeting SaaS
  • Financial analysis and visualization software
  • Global asset tracking SaaS
  • Housing management SaaS
  • Human capital recruiting SaaS
  • Integrated practice management and EMR
  • Investigation and case management software
  • Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)
  • Municipal services SaaS platform
  • Online service aggregation platforms - B2B & B2C
  • Pharma R&D and medical affairs SaaS platforms
  • Practice management software provider
  • Project management software (SaaS)
  • Property management SaaS
  • Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA)
  • Risk management cloud services
  • Staffing & rostering systems
  • Strategy alignment SaaS
  • Track and trace quality control management SaaS
  • Workforce management SaaS

Software: Platforms, Infra, & Tooling

  • Automation testing tools
  • AWS services
  • B2B e-commerce SaaS platform
  • Cloud native monitoring platform (SaaS)
  • Content management systems
  • Cybersecurity - IAM and CIAM services partner
  • Data and control center security
  • Data processing and hosting
  • E-commerce payment gateways
  • E-commerce platform provider
  • Forensic analysis software and services
  • Identity management systems
  • Information security services
  • MSP software
  • Product information management provider

Hardware & Connectivity

  • Airside/airport ground automation
  • Building surveying hardware & software
  • Communications assurance and analytics solutions
  • Distributed metering technology
  • Drone systems
  • Embedded digital controls and IoT for hardened industrial products
  • Lone worker safety solutions (devices and software)
  • Solid-state programmable controls
  • Subsea IT infrastructure
  • Telecom resellers
  • Telematics systems and services
  • Vehicle telematics software and solutions
  • Wired and wireless telecoms

Content: Media & Data

  • Cable and subscription programming
  • Digital music consumer services
  • Education technology database
  • Higher education media platform
  • Human capital data as a service (DaaS)
  • Lighting consoles and media servers
  • Mass media studio and field operations
  • Online gaming platforms


  • App development services
  • Construction data services
  • Digital agency services
  • Digital media marketing
  • Digital transformation services
  • ERP implementation services
  • SAP implementation consultancy


  • Digital recruitment services and marketplaces
  • Facilities management vendor SaaS marketplace
  • Gig work platforms
  • Online car rental platforms
  • Online healthcare diagnostics and delivery services
  • Virtual supply chain