We are committed to helping exceptional consultants build exceptional careers.

Delivering superb strategic advice to clients with real-world deadlines and competitive pressure isn’t easy. That’s why we only seek to recruit the most able and dedicated team members – who love the content of our work.

GRAPH consultants must possess exceptional analytical skills, outstanding drive and determination (to help us get to the strongest answers), a continuous improvement mindset, and a positive and collaborative spirit.

We want people to join GRAPH who:

  1. Have strong investigative thinking skills, and appreciate the value that original research brings to problem solving
  2. Are eager to apply best-practice methods and tools, while maintaining a spirit of creativity and continuous improvement
  3. Are interested in building a long-term career as a professional consultant
  4. Have what it takes to become a trusted advisor to senior business decision makers at top-performing companies and Private Equity firms

In exchange, we offer significant investment in formal and informal training, strong financial rewards (including profit and equity participation), rapid career progression, and the opportunity to play a part in building a truly outstanding business.

We are seeking talented staff to join us at all levels – from recent graduates to those with 10+ years of strategy consulting experience.

Most importantly, GRAPH is committed to an inclusive, evolving workplace that celebrates uniqueness and recognizes, values, and empowers its employees to thrive every day.

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