GRAPH Sector Coverage: Infrastructure


The following projects were completed by GRAPH for infrastructure-style investors, with diligence testing the long-term demand stability and low risk of disruption (for details on GRAPH diligence exercises that are covered by PitchBook, click on the PitchBook icons below to view deal details):

Public Sector & Regulated Utilities

  • Forest fire specialty aircraft
  • Infrastructure monitoring equipment and services
  • Smart metering
  • Utility gas control systems
  • Utility infrastructure services
  • Wastewater treatment plant servicing and monitoring
  • Water and sewage systems

Unregulated Utilities

  • District energy
  • Glass recycling/reprocessing
  • Hazardous waste product disposal for labs
  • Sanitary waste collection
  • Used cooking oil collection services
  • Vertically integrated waste

Energy & Renewables Infrastructure

  • Community solar installations
  • Conventional and renewable energy utility infrastructure installation and maintenance services
  • Environmental controls
  • Oil & gas gathering and transmission pipelines
  • Solar plants

Primary Industries

  • Ethanol manufacturing
  • Glass recycling/reprocessing
  • Mining equipment
  • Mining services


  • Aquaculture vessel leasing
  • Electrical T&D equipment rental
  • Manned wellboat leasing
  • Tank rental

Monitoring Services for Infrastructure

  • Solar infrastructure monitoring
  • Sub-sea cable monitoring

Telecommunications & Networking Infrastructure

  • Data center cooling equipment & commercial installation
  • Data center energy services
  • Data center fire Detection & suppression
  • Distributed antenna systems (DAS)
  • International fiber cabling
  • Network operations centers
  • Physical security for data centers
  • Picocell and microcell asset holders

Real Estate/Storage

  • Secure data storage
  • Self storage facilities