Core Capabilities

Achieving extraordinary value creation requires a unique and sound angle on the opportunity, whether you’re investing in an asset, entering a new space, or redefining an existing business.

GRAPH’s three core capabilities ensure that every assignment delivers distinctly valuable guidance.


Every GRAPH assignment is a carefully structured and deliberate study – and we examine the issues from multiple angles to make sure that we get to the strongest answers.


All GRAPH assignments begin by building a clear understanding of your investment thesis and valuation model, so that we can precisely shape our analytical processes to suit. We take the time to ensure buy-in across your key stakeholders, which avoids costly re-work later.

If your thesis is not yet well developed, we can work with you to develop a great one. Learn more about our Thesis Development Workshops.

We define the key analytical frameworks to be used, the necessary and sufficient data required to populate those frameworks and the best quantitative and qualitative methods to use. As new findings emerge, we iterate, revise and course-correct.



Syndicated and publicly available information provides a valuable, but commoditized, foundation. Our investigative research delivers information asymmetry and creates competitive advantage.


Investigative research builds deep understanding of critical issues through:

  • The search for original and relevant data
  • Pattern recognition
  • Adaptation as new clues emerge
  • Constantly asking the right “who, what, when, where, why” questions

We apply quantitative and qualitative research techniques including in-depth interviews, observational research and electronic surveys. Together these tools help us identify “root causes,” discover opportunities, and quantify likely outcomes.

We know that hundreds of things can go wrong in data gathering, and that each problem can be magnified by poor analysis. We apply our tried and tested quality-control processes throughout the project to avoid sample bias, insufficiency of data, unqualified or out-of-date respondents or failure to cross-validate.


Creativity and
Business Acumen

By themselves, sound data and analysis are useful, but they run the risk of delivering a “me too” outcome. Successful strategies require art as much as science.


Looking beyond the obvious is key to finding the unusual “edge cases” that can unlock hidden value in an investment, or to identifying opportunities for new products, services or business models.

Creativity takes time. That’s why we built processes that allow sufficient space in every project to get it done. We bring in external partners when useful to leverage complementary skills.