Value Management

Turning ideas into effective actions:

However strong your Commercial Value Generation Plan might be, its execution needs to be carefully monitored, measured and iterated - based on relevant and accurate data inputs.

Simply tracking financial performance is insufficient, as those numbers often fail to illustrate the specific sources of performance gains (or losses) and how they relate to the execution of your Value-Development Plan. And the data needs to be put in context – how company performance compares to sector performance, for example.

Testimony from sales reps, service reps, ex-employees of competitors, and marketing professionals introduces clues and helps shape solid hypotheses. But such testimony is rarely sufficient to get to clear answers on how performance is progressing and what still needs to change.

GRAPH designs, administers and reports on the progress with a structured commercial value-management program. We offer evidence-based guidance to those in charge and to executive boards and investor stakeholders.

GRAPH Value Management will keep track of performance indicators over time, relative to your actions and external market events. This helps drive attention on progress and provides the proof points that value has been generated, as a key input for the next round of decisions and for the current or future investors.

GRAPH Commercial Value Management™

1. KPIs. We determine the most relevant and impactful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), tied to the value drivers identified and confirmed in the Value Development exercise. We determine units of measure and any segmentation required.

GRAPH can also employ KPI benchmark measures - to provide comparative performance indexes of your commercial improvement program.

2. Sample. We determine customer and channel sample (the right sample for the investment thesis and value gen plan)

3. Collect. We collect inputs – leveraging customers, channel, competitors, and public sources (e.g., economic data) on an ongoing basis.

4. Investigate and Analyze. We investigate anomalies (anomalies can quickly turn into trends, either positive or negative) and unearth the underlying drivers of the results.

5. Report. We report quarterly with a written analysis (available online 24/7 with client login controls).

6. Discuss and Recommend. We hold a discussion conference with management and stakeholders to report on progress against objectives and provide clarity on the underlying explanations.

7. Conclude. We will work with management to dig deeper and help determine which issues deserve attention and what actions should be taken.

Contact us to set up a discussion on how we can support the deployment and ongoing improvement of your commercial improvement program.