Collaborative Relationships

As a boutique and specialized consulting firm, we expect you will find us more attentive and responsive to your needs than the large and the generalist firms.

Although we comfortably work with new clients, it is our greater objective to develop relationships and form partnerships with our clients that are constructed to address their unique needs in a highly-customized fashion. In these “cherished partnerships” we:

  1. Form account teams with the composition of dedicated client specific team members who have the specific skills necessary to support the unique mandates. By example:
    • Team size aligned with ongoing project demands
    • Language skills
    • Sector specialization
    • Business model specialization
    • Secondary/desk research
  2. Ensure that client account team members are schooled in client “thinking” – relevant technologies, key business model themes, competitive landscape, etc.
  3. Conduct monthly agenda reviews for prospective projects with GRAPH Account Team Directors and the GRAPH Partner associated with the account to ensure preparedness for resource deployment and pre-work (GRAPH Jump Start™)
  4. Annually:
    • Conduct a confidential strategy review – so we can stay abreast and equip ourselves for your emergent strategy and agenda
    • Collect feedback as input for GRAPH account-specific capability development and take stock of how we performed, and how we can get better
    • Set mutual commitments – including service needs, team composition and scale, and GRAPH performance objectives for the next year
    • Share best-practices (in a GRAPH-led learning session) with your internal team – cross pollinating lessons learned, improving standard work practices, and helping enhance internal capabilities
  5. Build Value Management systems for portfolio companies and operating units
  6. Are able to collaborate in some unique forms and provide special support: