Voice of Customer

GRAPH's Voice of Customer research is a core capability of the firm. We build deep understanding of critical issues through:

  • The search for original and relevant data - using quantitative and qualitative research techniques including in-depth interviews, observational research and electronic surveys (e.g., "polls")
  • Pattern recognition built through expertise and creative analysis from our dedicated engagement teams
  • Adaptation and learning from our research contacts and partners, as new findings emerge in our conversations

Together these tools and practices help us identify motivations, discover new opportunities, and quantify likely outcomes.

We know that hundreds of things can go wrong in data gathering, and that each problem can be magnified by poor analysis. We apply our tried and tested quality-control processes throughout the project to avoid sample bias, insufficiency of data, unqualified or out-of-date respondents or failure to cross-validate.

At GRAPH, collaboration is central to how we behave - and that applies to all of our research activities as well. We seek to build strong relationships and create long-term success together with our interviewees and survey respondents. Ultimately, we strive to make GRAPH the top choice for those who work here and those who do business with us.