Thesis Development Workshops

Great investment angles are critical for unlocking value in a deal, and are hard to come by

Great investment angles are critical for unlocking value in any opportunity – whether organic or acquisition. But, they are hard to come by.

GRAPH understands this, and is ready to be your partner in the creative development process.

In a collaborative co-development workshop – at your location or ours – our teams will:

  1. Start with a review of background material – the CIM, management presentation, market research reports, competitor materials – and quickly align on the prevailing themes
  2. Identify the business models and business value drivers that underpin success in the sector
  3. Summarize the key value propositions of the current players in the market
  4. Brainstorm key analogs – i.e. leading players deploying similar business models in different sectors, drawing on the best of GRAPH’s and your team’s experience
  5. Examine competitors – looking at what they do that is different, assessing why, and with what impact
  6. Explore the vacancies and develop hypotheses about which vacancies have the most value, and what it would take to address these gaps. And determine if any existing companies are worthy of targeting for acquisition or partnership
  7. Develop value-creation hypotheses that can be tested during diligence, and metrics that your team can believe in

GRAPH’s team conducts secondary and primary investigations on the spot in real time, to help create stimulus and insights quickly, and to allow for ideas to build and grow in session

The Workshop will deliver a differentiated investment thesis, made up of individual investment case statements. We will also include directions for how diligence can pressure test the investment case statements, and associated work plans for the diligence team members (your team and GRAPH)