GRAPH Career Path

Associate | Consultant | Manager | Director | Partner


Associate is the entry point to GRAPH for new graduates.

Working closely with senior GRAPH team members, you will quickly gain exposure to a wide range of industries and business issues. To support your skill development, we will provide formal training (both from GRAPH’s leaders and external experts and programs) and regular feedback and coaching.

GRAPH Associates play a critical role in project delivery. You will be responsible for leading investigative research, conducting analysis, creating presentations and delivering your findings to our clients. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in internal entrepreneurial programs that contribute to build GRAPH’s business.

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Consultants at GRAPH are typically promoted from the Associate role with a proven two- to three-year track record.

As a Consultant, you will act as a role model for our Associates, helping to coach and mentor new recruits. You will demonstrate more advanced research and analytical skills, and may begin to take on project management roles on smaller projects. You will serve as a trusted “thought partner” to our Managers and Directors. In addition, you may take charge of internal programs and firm-building activities – such as developing enhanced research and analytical capabilities.

For exceptional performers, GRAPH offers MBA sponsorship to support you in the transition to Manager.

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Recent MBA-graduates join GRAPH at the Manager level.

Typically having three to five years of consulting experience, GRAPH Managers are expected to demonstrate advanced skills in analysis and investigation, combined with strong business acumen and sound judgement.

You will lead your projects from the beginning to the end – structuring client problems, developing problem-solving methods, and leading junior team members. You will begin to develop, author and publish intellectual capital, and build expertise sectors and methodologies. You will also begin to build “trusted advisor” relationships with clients, who will look to you to ensure consistently excellent delivery.

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GRAPH’s Directors have leadership responsibility for specific sectors and associated clients.

You will become recognized as a “thought leader” demonstrating significant subject matter expertise, developing intellectual capital and helping clients to solve their toughest business problems. You will nurture existing client relationships, as well as build your professional network and win new business. GRAPH will support you to be successful “on podium” and to make a name for yourself in your chosen field and career.

Within GRAPH, you will lead firm initiatives, act as a role model for our junior team members, and help drive our overall growth strategy.

As part of our commitment to ongoing development, all Directors receive regular coaching and mentoring, and can apply to external training programs that fit their personal development goals.


Partners at GRAPH have proven track records in expertly addressing their clients’ most pressing business issues, serving as true trusted advisors.

GRAPH partners embody the professional standards and actions expressed by our seven GRAPH Values, and invest their best – ideas, energy, mentoring and teaching - to enhance the GRAPH platform and help realize the very best rewards for themselves, for our team and for our clients.

Above all, partners at GRAPH must be highly engaged and bring extra-ordinary value to our clients and our teams. GRAPH partners are deeply involved in project delivery, demonstrate the expertise and commitment necessary to ensure total client satisfaction and improve our clients' success. GRAPH partners work with our teams to develop new analytical approaches and delivery methods, and drive thought-leadership around specific topics or industries.

Internally, GRAPH partners are responsible for shaping GRAPH’s short- and long-term future. All of GRAPH partners take an active role in setting our overall strategy and delivering specific growth initiatives.

We are committed to helping individuals develop and express the skills necessary to build a fantastic career – and we understand that for GRAPH to be successful in this effort, we need to provide a platform that potential partners deeply value and find great leverage in. At GRAPH, we become each other’s biggest fans and supporters – providing the support, complimentary skills, shared learning, collaboration, and encouragement to stretch, grow and fully fulfill our potential and aspiration. We would love to consider your candidacy and support your development to become the trusted partner that our clients value.