GRAPH is a specialist strategy consulting firm that supports leading global corporations, private equity and credit investors invest in and build stronger businesses. We adopt a rigorous, evidence-based approach to identify market opportunities, conduct commercial due diligence and design winning growth strategies.

Whether you are investing in a company, launching a new product or service or optimizing a current line of business, GRAPH brings the evidence, insight and guidance to help you achieve transformational, profitable growth.

Unlike generalist consulting firms, we don’t use strategy assignments as an entry point to sell large scale transformation projects, IT implementation, or audit services.

Instead, our singular focus is on delivering evidence-based, unbiased strategic advice. By taking a narrow focus, we are able to be superbly targeted in the skills and capabilities we develop, the way we structure our firm, and the way that we work with our clients.

As a boutique and specialist strategy firm, our business model is built around:

  • Hiring, nurturing and rewarding the most talented and committed consultants
  • Cherishing investigative thinking as a core part of everyone’s role
  • GRAPH Senior Partners work hands-on, day-to-day throughout every project
  • Being flexible, responsive and “fleet of foot” in every assignment
  • Minimizing overhead and non-essential costs to deliver superb value for money
  • Investing in new skills and ideas to drive long-term growth

Our clients include corporations and private equity and credit investors across North America and Europe. We operate from offices in the USA and UK, giving us the geographic reach to serve our clients’ transatlantic needs.

GRAPH's Core Services: