GRAPH Sector Coverage: Industrial Products and Services

Industrial Products and Services

Recent Industrial Products and Services project examples include (for details on GRAPH diligence exercises that are covered by PitchBook, click on the PitchBook icons below to view deal details):

Industrial Services

Technical/Engineering/Consulting Services (High skill services)

  • Composites and lightweight material manufacturing
  • Cross-Bore inspection services
  • Downstream/Plant turn-around services for petrochemical and other industrial
  • Geotechnical engineering services for infrastructure projects and mining
  • Industrial wastewater testing and remediation services
  • Maintenance and overhaul services for rotating, etc.
  • Marine crew services
  • Midstream/pipeline inspection services
  • Nuclear plant license renewal and engineer services
  • R&M petro chem plant services
  • Railroad and transit safely management services
  • Services-based digital tracking of inventory across logistics networks for product conditions (temp, humidity, altitude) for agricultural and biopharma products
  • Specialty maintenance and repair support to energy sector
  • Upstream/well-site services (many, many examples)
  • Utility infrastructure services
  • Utility scale solar design and construction services

General, Construction and Logistics Services (Low skill services)

  • Commercial and industrial grounds maintenance & outdoor compliance services
  • Commercial construction services
  • Commercial equipment repair and maintenance management services
  • Commercial and industrial cleaning services
  • Commercial and industrial generator dealer group
  • Cullet collection and processing services
  • Dedicated carrier transport and multi-modal logistic services
  • Drayage services
  • Last-mile LTL logistics
  • Outsourced infrastructure maintenance services
  • Pipeline construction services
  • Recycle waste collection commercial industrial
  • Vegetation management services

Distribution, Sales and Rental

  • HVAC parts, supplies and accessories Distribution
  • Independent utility equipment dealerships
  • Plumbing B2B sales/supply houses
  • Rental services of blast shelters

Test and Measurement

  • Machine vision inspection systems
  • Irradiance measurement systems

Industrial Products

Manufactured Equipment & Systems

  • 2D and 3D secondary packaging automation
  • Commercial fire detection systems
  • Co-generation facilities (combined heat and power)
  • Diesel engines
  • Diesel power generators - residential, commercial and industrial
  • Electrical utility OEM transmission equipment
  • Engine driven welders (EDW)
  • EV motor controllers
  • Gas control systems
  • Heavy duty vehicle OEM parts
  • High power (e.g., data center, healthcare) diesel generators
  • Industrial fire and CO detection and alarm
  • Industrial fire suppression
  • Laser projection guidance solutions (for manufacturing and assembly), and quality inspection solutions

Industrial Products (continued)

Manufactured Equipment & Systems (continued)

  • Industrial pumps, compressors and valves
  • Industrial safety equipment
  • Industrial turbines, fans and ventilation
  • Industrial turbo machinery and rotary equipment - service and maintenance
  • Lab equipment and services
  • Mining drilling rig equipment, and associated consumables
  • Nat gas power generation - primary and back-up
  • Offshore aquafarming equipment
  • Packaged (back-up) power generators
  • Rotary and fixed wing commercial and military aerospace systems (large and small craft)
  • Smart metering
  • Specialty blower and vacuum systems manufacturer
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Transmission and Distribution infrastructure equipment
  • Utility electric switch gear
  • Utility-scale - water, wastewater, stormwater, fire protection - fittings and restraints
  • Welding automation
  • Welding equipment and metal cutting
  • Wind turbine manufacturing


  • Commercial and industrial cleaning products
  • Commercial refrigeration compressors
  • Earth cutting tools
  • Electronic components distributors
  • Environmental controls
  • Fiber, wire and cable management; adhesives, sealants and tapes; PCB & electronics; tooling & positioning; clamps & workholdings
  • Forged steel fittings and flanges
  • Industrial gas control components
  • Lubrication systems and pressure regulation valves
  • Metalcutting tools
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Sealing and wear products

Digital & IoT Products

  • 3D printing/additive manufacturing
  • Cold chain management service
  • Field test and measurement equipment
  • High-speed drives
  • Industrial control systems
  • Software for the aerospace and defense industry

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Ag micro-drip irrigation
  • Construction machinery
  • Emergency safety space/emergency eye and body wash
  • Flanges, valves
  • Forest fire specialty aircraft
  • Safety Architectural Products - Detectable warning surface products (for vision impaired)
  • Solar infrastructure
  • Specialty cranes

Process Industries

  • Beverage co-packing
  • Commercial port container depot services
  • Factory instrumentation
  • Light duty conveyor belting
  • Liquid-based super-absorbent polymers
  • Protein processing equipment, automation, and associated aftermarket
  • Specialty ethanol applications
  • Tank cleaning and maintenance services
  • UV adhesives and associated curing equipment