GRAPH Sector Coverage: Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

Recent Energy and Utilities project examples include (for details on GRAPH diligence exercises that are covered by PitchBook, click on the PitchBook icons below to view deal details):


  • Battery technologies
  • Carbon capture solutions
  • Cogeneration/combined heat and power (CHP) microgrids
  • Community solar
  • Decarbonized district energy
  • Decarbonized supplemental and backup energy solutions
  • Demand Side Management (DSM) services
  • Emissions control solutions (vapor recovery and combustion)
  • Energy decarbonization strategies and consulting
  • Energy procurement services & net zero consulting
  • Energy services consulting
  • Energy transition, electrification, and energy efficiency program management services
  • ESCO (energy services company including project management and retrofit services)
  • EV charging infrastructure
  • Generators and uninterruptible power supplies
  • Meteorological (MET) campaign and O&M data solutions for Utility Scale Renewable
  • Nuclear energy plant engineering services
  • Renewable asset performance management
  • Renewable energy software management platform
  • Renewables/expand solar access
  • Solar EPCM
  • Solar power rental services
  • SREC trading (solar renewable energy credits)
  • Utility scale electrical balance of systems (EBOS) solar equipment
  • Utility scale solar and storage EPC services


  • Co-gen EPC and project management services
  • Control rooms for T&D
  • Construction services for electrical and gas utilities
  • District energy
  • Distribution line upgrade engineering services
  • Distribution transformers manufacturing
  • Distribution and transmission switches
  • Downstream oil and gas support service
  • Electrical substations for oil and gas pipelines
  • Energy markets data services
  • Energy procurement services
  • Explosive materials and services for mining and extraction
  • Frac equipment, consumables and R&M services
  • Fuel and lubricant distribution services
  • Fuel storage, dispensing equipment and installation services - retail and fleet
  • Fuel storage and dispensing maintenance, repair, and inspection services
  • Metering administration solutions
  • Oil and gas equipment and instrumentation
  • Oil and gas upstream and downstream operations
  • Oil and gas upstream components
  • Outsourced natural gas maintenance services
  • Pipeline construction and maintenance
  • R&M downstream services
  • Repair and servicing of well site stimulation ("frac") pumps
  • Residential utilities safety and compliance
  • Retail and fleet - fuel storage, dispensing equipment, and installation services
  • Transmission and distribution line construction and associated services
  • Underground infrastructure inspection services
  • Upstream onshore and offshore oil and gas solutions
  • Utility infrastructure services