Congratulations to Tiger Infrastructure on its Growth Capital Investment in Unison Energy

GRAPH completed Commercial Due Diligence supporting Tiger Infrastructure's growth capital investment in Unison Energy. Unison designs, builds, owns, and operates microgrids on-site at customer locations. Unison owns and operates ~30 projects (operating and with signed Energy Service Agreements) across end-markets that include hospitals, data centers, hospitality, food and beverage, biofuels, and other industrials. The company serves a growing market of North America commercial energy customers that have needs to add on-site, and therefore more reliable, energy in an era where the under-invested and insufficiently resilient grid is burdened with growing consumption demand.

GRAPH’s involvement leverages the firm’s experience in renewables and energy and utilities. The GRAPH team was led by Senior Partners Jeff Merkle and Mark Stein, and Director Eoghan Bees.

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