Commercial Value Generation - Growth Strategy

Unlocking transformational growth in an existing line of business is never easy. GRAPH brings superb analysis and creativity, supported by the strongest possible evidence-base, to help you develop an enhanced strategy and achieve your growth objectives.

GRAPH works with you to drive higher return and lower risk outcomes by:

  1. Conducting rigorous external investigation to establish the root causes of current business performance – based on a thorough understanding of customer needs and behavior, the competitive landscape and exogenous market conditions
  2. Identifying valid debates among different team members, and bringing sufficient evidence to build consensus and momentum
  3. Determining a differentiated, actionable commercial strategy – linked to the strongest business value drivers
  4. Working with you and your teams to draft the implementation plan – roles and responsibilities, resources, and timelines
  5. Developing the key performance measures and system (GRAPH Commercial Value Management) – the ongoing program for target setting, monitoring, feedback collection and iteration necessary

GRAPH’s expertise in growth strategy includes:

Click here to download GRAPH’s list of commonly overlooked Commercial Value Development Opportunities that can help stimulate thinking about potential strategies.