GRAPH Sector Coverage: Transportation


Recent Transportation project examples include (for details on GRAPH diligence exercises that are covered by PitchBook, click on the PitchBook icons below to view deal details):

Vehicles (multi-modal) and Parts

  • Automotive components
  • Automotive parts retail
  • Automotive prognostic and diagnostic software
  • Automotive and trucking first fill and replacement fluids
  • Commercial aircraft engines and systems
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Marine safety equipment and services
  • Safety restraint sensors and systems for automotive and heavy duty transport vehicles
  • Vehicle parts distribution services

Transportation Platforms and Systems

  • Automated traffic enforcement
  • Centralized reservation data services
  • Cold chain track and trace service
  • Commercial airport airside operations technology and solutions
  • Vehicle telematics

Transportation and Logistics Services

  • Automotive repair and maintenance
  • Bulk liquid chemical roadway transport
  • Cargo aircraft leasing services
  • Class I, Class II, shortline railroad, transit management services
  • Cold storage warehousing
  • Contracted school buses
  • Dedicated carrier transport and multi-modal logistics services
  • Distribution and warehousing
  • Last mile logistics and delivery services
  • Logistics support management software
  • Material handling equipment and materials
  • Parcel distribution services
  • Paved roads and bridges maintenance-related services
  • Petro chem transport distribution
  • Private aviation fixed base operator (FBO)
  • Residential moving and storage
  • Shortline railroad
  • Truck and trailer rental and leasing