GRAPH Bridge

GRAPH Bridge™ provides three days of intensive GRAPH support to answer specific and crucial questions related to your investment plans or growth strategy

Maybe you have just a few days to prepare for a critical management meeting. Or perhaps an acute, singular element of an investment thesis is inhibiting progress on a deal.

What kinds of questions can we help you with? Tell us what you need. There are many topics where we could bridge the knowledge gap and deliver great value but keep the scope tight and clearly defined - and recognize, of course, that there may still be limits on the level of depth and evidence that we can deliver.

Here are a few examples:

  • How do customers define the value proposition of the product or service? What problem is the provider really addressing?
  • What seems to have caused certain customers to choose an alternative provider?
  • What are the basic economics of the provider’s offer?
  • Who are the main competitors, and how fragmented does the space appear to be?
  • How does a competitor’s business model differ?
  • What do former employees say about a company’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are the major routes to market? Would a non-participating channel have interest in the offering?

Email us at and briefly tell us how we can help. If we can help close the gap, we will jump on it – with a fixed fee for a fixed three days.